Bringing smart healthcare home to you


Asia's First Virtual Patient-Centred Medical Home Platform bringing quality coordinated care to individuals through a Smart Healthcare Assistant.

Access all healthcare needs with a Smart Healthcare Assistant

AI-driven assisted by an in-house medical team

EUDA assigns every individual a Smart Healthcare Assistant that will take care of all your health and wellness needs. Find the right doctor or wellness provider, own your health records and redeem rewards while staying healthy. All in one application.

Modelled after the successful US-based PCMH Healthcare System, EUDA brings the same high quality of care to users through AI and smart technologies.

Assisting more than 250,000 users with EUDA

Own Your Health Record

Maintain and encrypt your own health record in EUDA’s secure centralised database.

100% Transparency

Know exactly what your employee or personal insurance entitlements are.

Employer Integration

All your medical claims and expenses will be processed automatically via your corporate health plan.

Seamless Medical Care

Make appointments, consult a doctor through telemedicine, coordinate appointments autonomously.

Doctor on Demand

Call for a doctor or consult via telemedicine on demand. All your claims will be managed and tracked.

Gain Rewards

Hit wellness or event targets to off-set medical bills and marketplace purchases.

Do Healthcare Differently - Hassle Free, Worry Less.

Looking to streamline employee healthcare? We have a host of enterprise solutions.

Corporate Health Services

Gain access to health screenings, health talks etc at exceptional value. Consult our doctors via our world class telemedicine application to give your employees the most seamless medical experience.

AI Driven Emergency Assist

Our 24/7 AI-driven Command Centre will direct your employees to the nearest medical facility and manage all claims autonomously.

EUDA Health Plan

Get the best and most accessible health plan. EUDA provides analytics and insights to drive better decisions through user claim management and trend analysis.

Integrated HR Solutions

A superior platform that manages all HR needs integrated with all your employee’s health and wellness needs over EUDA’s platform, saving you time and money.

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